The bittersweetness of Christmas

What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future.
– Agnes M. Pahro

Christmas – a time of lights, decorations, food, family and fun. I love spending time with my family. I love celebrating that the King of the Universe came to earth like a small, loving whisper out of unconditional love for us.

But Christmas is also a very lonely time for me. Being single in a family of couples is not always easy. That’s a time where my heart screams for love, my soul longs for attention and my mind wonders whether it will ever happen. Maybe it’s not the spouse you’re waiting for. Maybe it’s the new job you’ve been dreaming of or the pregnancy you’ve been praying for. Maybe yet another year flew by and still you wait.

2018-12-2_Place my time into your hands.jpg

Today as the bittersweetness of the unfulfilled dreams – a mixture of disappointment and hope – filled my heart. I thought about the verse in Psalm 31:15. God has seen all my days and He’s in control. I read the message translation and I loved how it says: „I place my hours into your hand“ instead of „My time is in your hands“.

It realised once again that it’s an active process – a choice. I don’t know where your heart is at this time of the year. Maybe you’re confident about 2019 and can’t wait for it to start. Maybe you’re filled with confidence and trust that God will act on His promises. But maybe at this point you’re wondering whether He ever will. Maybe your soul cries for relief.

If that is the case and if your up for it … lets make this decision together! Let’s place the hours of our lives into the hands of the One who created time. Let’s enjoy His presence and find rest in the knowledge that He’s got this!


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