The Master of Unknown Variables

So often in life I am overwhelmed by the many unknown factors. Just like a really hard math equation with x,y,z … life has so many unknown variables. And when I start to wonder what might happen in the future or whether the dreams I’ve been dreaming for so long will ever become reality, I freak out.

And maybe I have to admit, that I am not good enough at this, to solve the equation. Maybe just like it is with the incredibly annoying math equations, there comes the point, where there are just too many variables … I get stuck trying to figure out how to solve this. In the end I give up and admit to myself that I just can’t do it.

But there is One who can. He is the master of unknown variables. He’s is the inventor of my life’s equation. He knows what to substract, in order to be able to add and so on. He knows it all!

He knew that during my internship I had to get the Laptop with the graphical programs, because without this opportunity I would have never fathomed the joy creative arts bring into my life.

In hindsight I can see some of the bits and pieces that He crafted skillfully and that make perfect sense today. I am convinced there are thousands that I haven’t got a clue about, yet.

But I know He is in control! He is the master of my life’s equation, no matter the number of unknown variables.

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