Consider it pure joy …

We sing happy birthday, we celebrate happy new year and we dance to Pharell Williams’ song and clap along if we feel like a room without a roof. But what if not? What if there is nothing to be happy about. What if there is only darkness and the mountains with problems are becoming bigger and bigger.

Is being happy God’s aim for us? I am not sure. I know He wants our best! But is what makes us happy always our best? I doubt it. So what God wants for us is joy. What’s the difference? Happiness depends on circumstances, but joy is the quiet and confident assurance of Jesus’ love for us and His work in our lives. Happiness depends on happenings, but joy depends on Christ.

When do I feel good? When I have my closest friends around me, when I get words of praise from my boss. When I am successful. And only lately I’ve been starting to discover the secret of being content. I believe joy and contentment might be siblings, twins even. Cause I realise that I feel content when I trust that God has it all together. I start to panic, I get scared and I fear to miss out on something, when I start to doubt or forget God’s sovereignty.

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